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We have access to the entire range of Schneider and Rodenstock optical products, both analog and digital, including lenses, rings, centerfilters and
anything else produced by these two firms.

All merchandise is shipped fresh from the manufacturer through an intermediary. Everything is guaranteed to be new and in perfect condition. We bypass the conventional
distribution channels in the USA.

After you call us, we consult our experienced sources and also check exchange rates to guarantee you the most attractive dollar pricing. We check back with you for your confirmation. All this takes  24 hours or so. We accept Visa and Mastercard, All of our overseas shipping  activity is via DHL.

You have questions? Email us at bromwell@earthlink.net or call us any time at 412-321-4118 or advise us of your own phone number and we will call you.

3 Allegheny Center #111 . Pittsburgh, PA 15212 . Ph/Fax: 412-321-4118