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large format cameras
digital linkages for large format bodies
plus boards, accessories, lenses

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Medium format pancake style view cameras with analog/digital capabilities, plus digital linkages to these and most other 6x9 and 4x5 view cameras

Analog large format is alive and well English style. Mike Walker’s 4x5/5x7/8x10 view cameras are made of ABS polymer. The unique chemistry here ensures super stability for super fussy focusing.

Parts and service are still available for the
world’s oldest camera maker.

Many Pacific rim camera sources pitch price. Our Japanese supplier (of twenty years) adds the virtues of exceptionally sturdy construction (seasoned cherry wood) and moderate weight
Three formats.

We are headquarters for lensboards for many large format cameras, new and old. Manufactured in USA and western Europe.

Check us out for current prices on German lenses and center filters.

Call us for bellows, screens, tilt loupes for large format viewing, other gadgets for view camera operation.

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