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Flexicam Body (With Integrated Bellows)

Silvestri?s newest, lightest camera. The body is fused to a bellows which has micrometric adjustments, and is similar in function to the the Flexi Maxi Bellows used with the Bicam. Total body/bellows weight: 2.4 lb. For digital use only.

Accepts lenses 23mm and 28-120mm (but not the 24mm). Lenses, in normal Copal shutters, are linked to the bellows by means of Silvestri Bayonet Adapter Rings (see below under Front Components). Flexicam has movements similar to those of Bicam with Flexi Maxi: rise/fall 15+15mm, shift 15+15mm, swing/tilt 15+15°. Flexicam accepts most of the front accessories used by Bicam.

$ 2750
Flexicam F050
Body Only
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Flexicam (unlike Bicam and prior Silvestri cameras) is purely digital. Various digital back adapters are included in the attached pictures here, and will reappear in the "Digital Adapters"  section, where we have detailed explanations of all digital back components.

Flexicam F050
with Lens
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Flexicam F050 w/Lens, Sliding Back Adapter & non-Silvestri Digital Back,
front view
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Flexicam F050
w/lens & Fixed & Sliding Back Adapters
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Flexicam F050 w/Lens & Sliding Back Adapter, rear view
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Flexicam F050 w/Lens, Sliding Back Adapter & non-Silvestri Digital Back, rear view
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Front Components of the Flexicam

The integrated bellows fronting the Flexicam allows the use of Schneider and Rodenstock lenses (35-120mm) in normal Copal #0 mounts. For this purpose, the user fits each lens with a bayonet adapter ring.                             

Bayonet Adapter Rings For Flexicam. These adapt the front of the Flexicam's bellows to Schneider and Rodenstock lenses in normal Copal #0 mounts. Rings are matched below to the appropriate lenses (D for digital, T for traditional).


Schneider 35D, 47T, Rodenstock 23D 45D (#D7229)
Schneider 47D, 60D

Rodenstock 28D
Rodenstock 35D, (#D7228) 45D, 45T

$ 385
$ 385
$ 385
$ 385


Schneider 28D                                              
Schneider 72D, Rodenstock 55D, 60D                    
Schneider 58T, 65T, 80D, 80T,
Rodenstock 40D, 55T, 65T, 70D, 70T, 75T     

Schneider 90D, Rodenstock 90D                            
Schneider 100D, Rodenstock 90T, 100D                 
Schneider 100T, 120D, 125T; for 150T, add C0102 and 3575 (see below); Rodenstock 100T, 105D,
Hasselblad lenses can be adapted for use with the Flexicam
1152 Hasselblad Actuator (Short). Adapts front of Flexicam for use with Hasselblad V lenses 40-120mm $1850
Hasselblad Actuator
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Back Components of the Flexicam (for additional back accessories, see the Flexicam listings under "Back Adapters" by clicking this link)

Easy Bellows Viewer: viewing supplement for sliding back adapters, with snap-in 4X glass.

$ 175
Easy Bellows Viewer
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Reflex Viewfinder (2x) FlexicamSliding Back

$ 555
Reflex Bellows Viewfinder
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F130 T2 Attachment For Nikon. Transforms Nikon digital body into a small view camera with perspective corrections.
$ 325
F132 T2 Attachment for Canon. Transforms Canon EOS digital body into a small view camera with perspective corrections.

Both Nikon and Canon adapters can be used with traditional (nondigital) camera bodies. The camera has to be set on manual mode (no autofocus). The aperture is set on the (Schneider/Rodenstock) lens. The time is set on the camera body.

$ 325
Nikon & Canon SLR Adapters
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