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The Silvestri Bicam is a pancake style metal camera of traditional medium format size, with a rise/fall movement, for digital or analog photography. The optional #7002 Flexi Maxi Bellows, attached to the front of the body, adds shift, swing and tilt. Used with the Flexi Maxi, Bicam accepts Schneider and Rodenstock lenses in normal Copal #0 mounts, each lens being fitted with a Silvestri Bayonet Adapter Ring. Used without the bellows, the Bicam accepts only the special Silvestri versions of these lenses, with bayonet/helical mounts. Such lenses are fitted to the Bicam by means of a flat Silvestri lensboard (#1119).

The lens range for the Bicam is 23-150mm. The 24mm and one version of the 35mm (both are Schneiders) cannot be used with bellows and must be purchased from Silvestri in custom-mounted lensboards.

Movement of Bicam without bellows: rise/fall 15+15mm. Additional movements with bellows: shift 15+15mm, swing/tilt 15+15°. Weight of Bicam for digital use (with Flexi Maxi but without Analog Back Adapter): 3.8 lb. Without Flexi Maxi 2.2 lb.

The Bicam accepts front and back accessories for digital and analog usage. All of Bicam’s back accessories for digital usage, including sliding back adapters and fixed back adapters, are listed under “Digital Adapters” in a later section.

Some of the pictures listed here show these digital accessories, but the subjects are all repeated and fully explained in a later section on digital adapters.

The back accessories for analog usage are listed immediately below. Also listed here are the front accessories for both digital and analog.

$ 1895.

Bicam 7000
Body Only
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Bicam 7000
Flexi Maxi Bellows 7002
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Bicam 7000
w/ Bellows 7002
and Sliding Back
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Bicam 7000 (Rear View)
w/Sliding Back
Adapter D7023
and a digital back
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Front Components of the Bicam (digital or analog)
Flexi Maxi Bellows. With micrometric adjustments. Adds swing/tilt/shift to rise/fall movements of Bicam, and enables the use of Schneider and Rodenstock lenses in normal Copal #0 mounts (instead of special Silvestri mounts). For this purpose, the user fits each lens with a bayonet adapter ring. (Note: Schneider 24mm and 35mm lenses require special Silvestri mount and board; see below.) Weighs 1.6 lb. $ 1850
Bayonet Adapter Rings For Bicam. These adapt the front of the Flexi Maxi Bellows to Schneider and Rodenstock lenses in normal Copal #0 mounts. Rings are matched below to the appropriate lenses (D for digital, T for traditional).


Schneider 35D, 47T, Rodenstock 23D
Schneider 47D, 60D

Rodenstock 28D
Rodenstock 35D, 45D, 45T

$ 385
$ 385
$ 385
$ 385


Schneider 28D                                              
Schneider 72D, Rodenstock 55D, 60D                    
Schneider 58T, 65T, 80D, 80T,
Rodenstock 40D, 55T, 65T, 70D, 70T, 75T     

Schneider 90D, Rodenstock 90D                            
Schneider 100D, Rodenstock 90T, 100D                 
Schneider 100T, 120D, 125T; for 150T, add C0102 and 3575 (see below); Rodenstock 100T, 105D, 135D; for 150D, add C0102 and 3575 (see below)
C0102  Bayonet Extension Ring 15mm. Adds closeup capability to lenses 100mm and longer. Performs same function as bayonet adapter ring for: Schneider 100-120-125mm, Rodenstock 100-105-135mm. $ 450
3575 Rear Extension Ring #2. Combines with C0102   (above) for Schneider and Rodenstock 150mm
$ 295
1152 Hasselblad Actuator (Short). Adapts front of Bicam (with bellows) for use with Hasselblad V lenses. Appropriate lenses (considering weight): 50-60-80-120-150mm $1850
Hasselblad Actuator
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1119 Lensboard for Bicam when Bicam is used without a bellows. Lenses are in special Silvestri mounts.
$ 325
Lense for Bicam (digital). These are available only in custom mounts on special Silvestri boards, for attachment to Bicam body without Flexi Maxi Bellows

Schneider Digitar XL 24mm/5.6

Schneider Digitar XL 35mm/5.6

D7222 $5275

Back Components (digital) for Bicam

Click to link to "Digital Adapters"

Back Components (analog) for Bicam                                

Analog Back Adapter (for 6x7 and 6x9) with viewing screen. Weighs 0.5 lb. Accesses rollfilm holders and other Graflok compatible items.

Magnifying Viewer In Bellows 4X. Attaches to back
4090 Adapter

$ 775.
Analog Back
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$ 285.


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5030 Rotating Reflex Viewfinder 6X.
Attaches to back of 4090 Adapter 
$ 650.
Reflex Viewfinder
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